What Is Stem Cell Facial?

Stem Cell Facial is specially designed by Dr Yap using stem cells obtained from patient’s own fat, which are injected into the dermal and sub-dermal layer to kickstart the rejuvenation and regeneration process for a youthful skin. The specially processed fat in a liquid form is known to contain a high concentration of stem cells. … Continue reading What Is Stem Cell Facial?

Why Fat Stem Cells Are Becoming Popular

What is fat stem cells? Fat tissue has a lot of blood vessels, making it a prime source of stem cells, and it is recognised that stem cells derived from adipose tissue are also particularly good at becoming cartilage and bone. Stem cells are taken from fat tissue with a liposuction procedure. An enzyme mixture … Continue reading Why Fat Stem Cells Are Becoming Popular

Is Ageing a disease?

Ageing is a complex process that varies as to how it affects different people and even different organs. Most gerontologists (people who study ageing) feel that ageing is due to the interaction of many lifelong influences. These influences include heredity, environment, culture, diet, exercise and leisure, past illnesses, and many other factors. Unlike the changes … Continue reading Is Ageing a disease?