About Us

“We look forward to helping you

& your family in Malaysia”

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals with several years of hands on experience in providing personalised services and care to international medical travellers and their families.

Our focus is on helping you (patient) discover and achieve your ideal surgery goals, whilst providing you with safe and comprehensive surgical care from our highly trained board certified specialists (surgeons and doctors).

We have a better understanding of procedures and are able to explain to you what procedures are available in order to help you make the right decision to solve your concern.

We believe after travelling this far to have your surgery, you and your family would also like to enjoy and visit some of our beautiful sights. We are able to co-ordinate with other service providers (hospitality, tourism, transportation) thus ensuring you receive professional services.

We act as patients’ manager and family concierge from the moment you land in Kuala Lumpur until you depart to your homeland.

We have successfully implemented and executed our patient care management professionally during the past ten years and has gained respect from our international patients and associates as well as doctors and surgeons in Malaysia.

How May We Help You?

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