DNA Test

Genetic profiling is the analysis of DNA from samples of body tissues or fluids, especially when conducted in order to predict the susceptibility to a specific disease and disorder such as cancer, diabetes, gout and cardiovascular diseases, among others. 

This procedure also screens for genetic markers related to adverse reactions towards drugs commonly used in treating certain diseases. This information may assist in prescribing a safer and more effective medical treatment plan for you. It can also screen for traits linked to your overall health and wellness.

By having a better knowledge of some of the genetic risks for a disease, you will be in a position to make positive changes to your lifestyle and diet.

What DNA test can tell you about your health

  • Genetic testing is an important health-care tool that can tell people a lot about their bodies.
  • These tests analyze a sample of a person’s DNA and look for specific changes associated with different conditions.
  • Often, test results can help doctors diagnose and predict a person’s risk for developing a disease.
  • Other DNA tests can tell people about whether they’re predisposed to certain traits.

Who can take DNA test?

  • Those with a family history of diseases
  • Who believe in prevention rather than cure
  • Who have health concerns
  • Who intend on family planning
  • Those looking for customised solutions
  • Those who want to age healthy
  • Who want to make informed decisions
  • Who want to improve sports performance
  • Those looking for customised skin-care solutions

DNA Tests are the future of Healthcare which emphasis on preventive healthcare, provide you with personalised intervention and focus on root cause analysis. DNA Test is a “once in a lifetime test”. Contact us for more information.