Patient Care Management Services

Sister Kay McNaught started the first Patient Care Management Services in Malaysia to provide a cohesive service to patients wishing to make Malaysia their destination for surgery and recuperation.

Sister Kay McNaught is an experienced Medical Tourism facilitator and with her nursing qualifications started caring for Medical travellers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia more than 10 years ago. During this time, she realised that patients welcomed knowledgeable, skillful and friendly carer whilst they are undergoing surgical procedures.

Sister Kay McNaught personally visited accredited Medical Providers (Medical Centres & Hospital) and has been working well with their team, where her knowledge and experience enable her to communicate on a professional level with doctors and surgeons.

A selection of elective procedures and therapy can be found on this site that has formed the basis of the personalised care sought after by most healthcare travellers. The aim is to provide the best patient care whether it’s for a simple procedure or a more complex surgery, so that patient can have the best environment in which to recover and recharge.

Welcome to Malaysia for a stress-free and enjoyable medical journey and in addition I do welcome international medical tourism facilitators and agents who wish to collaborate with me.

Do contact us when you are researching for your treatment or surgery.

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