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I was wanting some improvement to my ageing facial skin and the beauty clinics I had visited were not giving me good enough results so I was introduced and recommended to Sister Kay McNaught by a friend and also by a general practitioner on the Gold Coast in Australia, both who had travelled to Malaysia for treatment and had been in her care.

As I was wanting to have plastic surgery at a price I could afford outside my home country I was very nervous.  Sister Kay’s prompt communication and answers to my queries made my decision to step outside of my comfort zone much easier.  She recommended a Plastic and Reconstruction Surgeon she had complete confidence in, and fully advised me about the hospitals they used. Sister Kay is very experienced, knowledgeable in all types of procedures and laid to rest any doubts I had.  She demonstrates an impressive professionalism.

She met me and took me to my first consultation with my surgeon.  They both spent time explaining the procedures thoroughly and also their experience. I have been to Kuala Lumpur two times now for procedures and have stayed at both Prince Court Medical Centre and I-Heal.  Sister Kay took me to and from these hospitals as well as taking care of the check-ins and discharges.  She collected me and took me to follow up appointments at the clinic as well.  I was very thankful for this as I was by myself for some of my stay in KL and to have someone so caring looking out for me was very reassuring.

Sister Kay’s English is perfect as she has lived in United Kingdom for many years.  Her concern for my wellbeing continued when I returned home to Australia through emails and social media.
I was impressed by the required medical checks needed from my medical practitioner before I was to arrive in Malaysia.  My reports indicated I was ok and would cope with the surgery.
However, on the day of my surgery a routine ECG was performed and it showed heart palpitations.  Dr Yap spoke to me advising he was unwilling to perform the surgery if it was going to put me at risk so advised me to undergo an echocardiogram.  An experienced cardiologist reviewed the results and as my heart did not show any abnormalities we were able to reschedule the surgery to another day.  I was disappointed but obviously thankful that no risks were going to be taken.  I was to have an endoscopic brow lift and a face and neck lift.  Dr Yap instead performed the brow lift and a fat graft to my lips, cheeks and hands.  I was to return at a later date for the face and neck lift.

The support I received from Sister Kay during this time was amazing.  She either came to see me or called me daily.  I knew she was a phone call away and could call her at any time, even after I had returned to Australia, which I did when I was ready to return for the next surgery.
Sister Kay took care of the arrangements for my next visit.  This time I was to go to I-Heal.
When I arrived this very kind lady took me to see the hospital before I was to be admitted.  No detail was left unattended to.  After the surgery, once again the care and support I received was faultless.  And, by the way, my appearance has improved greatly.

Sister Kay is a friendly, all round lovely person with a heart of gold.  She has amazing strength of character and compassion for others.  She has been instrumental in making my self-improvement quest very worthwhile and I have no hesitation in recommending Sister Kay for her knowledge, experience and total care.

Helen Baulch – Australia

Published by Sister Kay McNaught

Sister Kay McNaught, NHS graduate is well sought after Destination Medical Tourism Consultant and International Patient Care Advisor in Kuala Lumpur.

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