Why Do I Need A Patient Care Manager?

A patient care manager is professionally trained person whose job is to support and help patient manage medical and surgical care away from home.

The patient care manager act as the patient’s advocate as well as agent and partner and takes responsibility for the patient care at the medical destination.

A good patient care manager has the skill and capability to plan patient’s procedures and to identify and co-ordinate with medical team/surgical team. She has to ensure that the chosen hospital and surgical requirements are satisfied ( i.e International accreditation etc).

Patient care manager work includes and not limited to facilitating all consultations, communications and providing support and reassurance and manages all post-surgery recovery needs and services.

By having patient care manager can help patients stay focus and direct the energies and thoughts toward preparing for the procedures and having stress-free recovery.

Published by Sister Kay McNaught

Sister Kay McNaught a professional Medical Tourism Facilitator based in Malaysia.

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