Why You Need Destination Facilitators

One of the greatest factors in the popularity of medical tourism is cost. You are able to access the highest calibre of surgeons and facilities at a cost that would not be available in your country.

The cost differential is not due to lack of quality because every country has different levels of pricing structures no matter what you are purchasing.

Travel is much cheaper these days also, so because of the reduced costs overall you are able to bring along a friend or family member. 

Can you do it yourself? 

Deciding which cosmetic surgery procedure you would love to have is the easy part. What comes next are generally the biggest stumbling blocks and considerations for potential patients, as it will primarily involve hours of time spent researching the destination, hospitals, surgeons, bookings and appointments with hospitals and surgeons, paperwork, sending medical records (if applicable) and photographs, payments, how much time to allow away, flights and accommodation (pre and post /recovery accommodation), handling any travel mishaps, post surgery activities, transfers etc. 

Medical Travel can be complicated and time consuming if you make your plans yourself. Many potential patients turn to Facilitators for help. As Malaysia destination facilitators we are able to help you with your journey whilst always keeping your best interests and safety in mind.

Published by Sister Kay McNaught

Sister Kay McNaught, NHS graduate is well sought after Destination Medical Tourism Consultant and International Patient Care Advisor in Kuala Lumpur.

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