Compression Garments

Compression wear are garments designed specifically to be worn by patients after surgery. Medical compression garment normally has zippers (for easy access) made of strong, lightweight and breathable material with anti-microbial property. It has strategically placed compression panels in key surgical areas to provide additional compression, something that is not found in a standard girdle or an athletic tights.
Compression garment is highly recommended by doctors to be worn during the first stage of recovery and sometimes longer.

How does it work?

The compression from the garment will help hold skin firmly against the body, aiding in proper skin retraction and general body contouring. A properly fitted, high quality compression garment will make you much more comfortable during the recovery process by reducing swelling and ease the pain if any.

What is the benefit?

Wearing a high quality post operative compression garment helps to reduce swelling (oedema) and flush potentially harmful fluids from the body.

Flushing fluids from the body can help reduce swelling and the risk of infection during healing process. In addition, the garment also aid in body contouring and skin retraction.

What type of surgery requiring the compression wear?

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