Breast Lift

A breast lift, medically know as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to rejuvenate breasts that have a somewhat saggy or droopy appearance and return them to a more youthful and attractive position.

A woman’s body goes through many changes throughout her lifetime, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breasts can lose their youthful perkiness and even start to sag on the chest.

These changes are not only reserved for women with large, heavy breasts; small chested women can also experience deflated breasts or a downward droop.

The aim of the mastopexy is to lift and reshape the breast, giving it a more desirable look without increasing volume.

During your consultation our surgeon will explore what you want from your new breasts. During the surgery the surgeon will carefully removing the excess skin, as well as surgically tightening up the remaining tissue, which helps create a firmer, more youthful look.

A breast lift can also include treatment to reduce nipple size, as they, too, can grow larger with time. Breast lifts reshape or remove excess skin, raise the remaining skin and tissue, and reposition the nipples.

While these are all physical results that occur from breast lift surgery, what breast lifts really do is help a patient feel better about their feminine shape and contour.  Mastopexy also helps treat unproportionate areolas.

All cosmetic surgery procedures will be performed by our well sought-after Plastic surgeon at accredited Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

How much does it cost?

I was feeling at my utmost low in self-esteem when I walked to seek treatment/procedure. After the bilateral breast lift I now feel reborn and my self esteem restored. Thank you is not even enough to cover it.


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