What to Expect After Mommy Makeover

Depending on what combination procedures has been recommended for your Mommy Makeover surgery the following is to be expected:

Mommy Makeover

Swelling, bruising, discomfort, limited mobility, and other symptoms are normal after a mommy makeover.

To help your body heal, your surgeon will give you the following aftercare instructions that are specific to your surgeries.
  • Have someone help you at home for at least a couple of days, but ideally much longer if you have a tummy tuck.
  • Keep drainage tubes in place for up to two weeks to stop fluid from building up near your incisions (cuts).
  • Wear a surgical bra and compression garment over your surgical areas, which helps with swelling and provides support.
  • Take medication for pain and other symptoms.
  • Avoid lifting anything more than 10 pounds for up to six weeks.
  • Limit certain physical activities for weeks to months.
  • How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Mommy Makeover?
The recovery time for a mommy makeover varies, depending on the following factors:
  • the procedures you have,
  • your age and health, and
  • following aftercare instructions.

You can expect it to take as long as the recovery for the most extensive procedure you are having. Tummy tucks typically have the longest recovery time (at least three months).

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