Bra Line Back Lift

Bra Line Back Lift is a body contouring surgery, sometimes referred to as a Back Lift or Upper Back Lift, targeting a specific region of the mid and upper back to create a more pleasing and appealing look.

The procedure is done to correct loose, sagging skin or rolls of fatty skin that develop in this area of the back. This condition is common especially in women where excess fatty rolls, bulging, and sagging skin become common around the bra line – hence the name of the procedure. Patients with different body types, different amounts of excess skin and fat can also benefit from this procedure.

What to Expect During Surgery

Once all pre-op requirements have been met and the day of surgery arrives, your plastic surgeon will review the areas to be corrected in the Bra Line Back Lift surgery. This includes temporarily marking various areas of the skin to identify incision points.

If you wear a bra, it will likely be used as a guide for marking incision points at the top and bottom before an incision line is traced. The line will stretch from the bottom of the right breast all the way around the back to the bottom of the left breast. The goal is to position the incision in such a way that it can be hidden by most bras and swimsuits so that there is no visibility of any surgical scar.

The procedure is done under general anaesthesia, a combination of medications that place you in a sleep-like state in which you’ll feel no pain or discomfort.

During the procedure, liposuction may be performed as well to address underlying fat. When ready, the skin is sewn together based on vertical line markings to ensure the skin position below and above the incision remains approximately the same. After the incision is closed, bandage or tape is applied over the line.

The surgical process varies from patient to patient, but normally the Bra Back Lift Surgery will take about 2 hours.


During this recovery period, you are advised to:

  1. Abstain from strenuous lifting
  2. Limit on certain movements and motions, including stretching
  3. Wear a compression garment
  4. Expect some bruise, pain and swelling, which should dissipate a few days after surgery.
  5. Schedule to have the first week of recovery off from work

All cosmetic surgery procedures will be performed by our well sought-after Plastic surgeon at accredited Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

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